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Therapy Descriptions  
Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on nearly four millennia of holistic healthcare, and includes acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, and qigong therapy. TCM is appropriate therapy for almost any condition such as asthma, addictions, sleep disturbance, emotional stress, digestive problems, pain, female and male reproductive imbalances, injuries, and post-surgical care. Effective for adults and children, gentle treatment is tailored for each individual.

A light, hands-on treatment that connects with the spinal rhythm and restores physiologic balance. Benefits include releases to fascial connective tissue, balance to internal organs, and inner release of stored trauma. Especially appropriate for head injuries, car accident trauma, and chronic pain.

Young essential oils are applied to the feet and back with gentle massage, creating deep relaxion. This therapy is recommended for back problems and improving the immune system.

Imbalanced emotions lead to stress and ill-health. After discussing onešs feelings and life situations, specific flower essences are combined for the individual to address and heal emotions. These essences are then used as a health tonic that bring balance to onešs life.

A gentle Japanese hands-on energy treatment that relaxes, restores our inner balance, and relieves symptoms of many conditions. It has a powerful spiritual base not found in other therapies. It is treatment-based and also a self-help healing therapy that can be practiced by everyone.

Therapeutic massage of all types is offered from gentle relaxation with aromatherapy to deeper work to relieve deep seated discomforts and postural misaligments. Each treatment is tailored for your needs. We encourage you to open to your complete body awareness and treat each moment as it is, allowing release of tensions at successively deeper levels with each breath. We encourage you to allow your body to speak so that you may receive the most effective treatment at that moment.

Focused and specific muscular therapy to release ischemic muscles and tendons and trigger points to provide lasting improvement, including complete healing, of any musculo-skeletal dysfunctions such as frozen shoulder, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and is perhaps the most effective treatment for TMJ dysfunction.

"Qi" means internal life force, "Gong" means practicing skill. Qigong is slow flowing movements that are easy to learn and calm the body and mind. Medical Qigong promotes the free flow of qi to prevent and treat disease.

The entire body is accessible through the feet. An entire foot massage as well as specific areas being pressed creates deep relaxation and improvement of health. Through caring for the feet, we care for the whole body.

A gentle, ancient, healing therapy that balances our internal energy providing freedom from pain and disease. Using light hands-on and waves of energy, Reiki is relaxing, calming, and is used to treat many acute and chronic health problems.

Japanese massage is effective for many health conditions. Comfortable pressure, stretching, and movement is applied through clothing to access and balance energy channels.

A ten session treatment plan of focused bodywork to realign the skeletal balance in the body and allow the release of our natural form. Lifešs traumas cause muscular skeletal distortions and these distortions can be permanently released through this deep and focused work to the muscular-fascial-skeletal system. Examples of benefiting conditions include scoliosis, chronic back pain, military neck, chronic ankle sprains, chronic shoulder dislocations and more. This is a powerful therapy program that provides significant and lasting life change.

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