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The Wellness Center Staff  
  A word from our founders ...
Our life goal is to help provide a place of healing and self-discovery for all who wish to take the journey. We bring together our personal skills, talent, and energy in all that we offer. We believe that both eastern philosophical teachings and western scientific exactness will see us through our healing and we combine both in all of our work. We believe that each and every one of us have a special place in this process of health.
We welcome you to join us with your contribution.
Thank you. --Beth and David

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With trainings in engineering (BS Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University) and the natural sciences (MS Geology & Geophysics, Boston College) David brings together scientific exactness and the sensitivity of being human with an ever increasing list of alternative healing therapies. Recently ordained in the global Church of Spiritual Humanism, David brings knowledge of our deeper source into the work of healing. Through extensive bodywork training (Neuromuscular Therapy, International Academy of NMT; Zentherapy, International Zentherapy Institute; Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute) David facilitates the release of the physical body with an intuitive focus. As a teacher of Japanese acupressure (High Touch Jin Shin) and with second level Reiki attunements (Usui), David contributes strong understanding of and connection to our source healing energy. These combined skills create a highly efficient pain relieving practice. These skills also allow further exploration into the soul healing realm.

Other Therapies --
If you are in search of a therapy or product that we do not offer at this time, please contact us about this area of your interest and we will happily share our knowledge with you. If you are looking for a particular therapy that we do not offer, we will do our best to connect you with any practitioners we know in the surrounding area. We also can provide access to many alternative and complimentary products available or can direct you to a supplier.

Insurance --
Some therapies are covered by most insurance benefits while some are rarely covered. It is important to check with your insurance provider to be sure of your specific coverage. We will support your claims with appropriate documentation in a professional manner for all therapy services provided.