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A Philosophy on Health

"I am learning that facilitating my bodyís natural healing will help reduce all illnesses and will provide me with health today plus it will ensure my health for all days to come." (-- the mind learns from the body)

NATURAL HEALING MECHANISMS - the ancients recognized 3 components by which our bodies innately maintain health and they are the BLOOD circulation system, the LYMPHATIC circulation system, and the CHI or vital life force energy. By maintaining good flow in these 3 systems we support the bodyís strength, flexibility, and immune system. We donít get sick and we can ENJOY life.

FACILITATING BLOOD FLOW - tight, tense, contracted muscles inhibit blood flow whereas loose, limber, flexible muscles enhance blood flow. EXERCISE with the goal of providing flexibility and balanced muscle tone is a good thing!

FACILITATING LYMPH FLOW - the lymphatic fluid relies on muscle/joint movement for circulation and this is enabled with limber, flexible muscles. So, walking, swinging the arms and legs promotes lymph flow and strengthens our immune system and is a good thing!

FACILITATING CHI FLOW - flexible muscles and joints allow chi flow while restricted joints inhibit chi flow. Sustained inactivity and/or holding tension will promote chi stagnation and likely ill-health. So, all activities that promote free joint movement and relaxed, flexible muscles is a good thing!

WHAT ABOUT MY HEADACHE?! - imagine knowing a pressure point to massage to open an energy block that is the source of the headache to relieve the pain in seconds (without the need to take pain medications that are focused on relieving only the symptom, leaving the energy block still available to bring the headache back again). This knowledge IS available to us!

Come join us and receive the health benefits.