Day to Day Healing Arts
Current Class Schedule

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We offer the following classes as our schedule permits and according to interest. Please call to inquire.

Qigong & Tai Ji -- FairWeather TaiJi/Qigong Series classes -- JOIN US and JOIN IN!

Qigong ("chee-gong") and Tai Ji ("tai chee") are gentle exercises designed to improve and to maintain good health. Both focus on enhancing CHI FLOW (vital energy) along chinese meridians, the same system that acupuncture is based. Our body's energy travels these pathways, and when blocked or slowed creates pain and illness. The regular practice of Qigong and Tai Ji helps keeps this energy flowing. Call for class times. Private instruction is also available. Check 'NEW EVENTS' latest schedule.


Although we are not currently offering group yoga classes, we are committed to the value of yoga to our health. We can offer recommendations for nearby Yoga classes. We also include Yoga instruction and coaching in many of our therapy services offered as it is of great value in leading a life free of chronic pain. If you are a yoga practitioner and you wish to refine your practice, you may want to consider a postural evaluation with us and a private yoga therapy session. Please call for more information.

Meditation Classes

Our mind-body self is inseparable, and good health results from its balance. Meditation will quiet the mind to allow the body-self and the mind-self to "be" and discover the peace that is in our everyday moments. There are many forms of meditation and this class will introduce several and encourage the regular use of meditation to maintain a comfortable relaxed living. Call for our classes schedule or to arrange a private class.

Open Sit

This Meditation time is open to everyone. We will hold a quiet 30 minute meditation before each class (above). Bring your pillow and join us.

Jin Shin Self-Help and Review Classes

Self-Help classes in Jin Shin offer an introduction to several instructional texts in this art of healing: (1) for parents to treat and or teach children, (2) for adults to provide themselves daily care and preventativc healing, (3) for anyone to help another. Developed in Japan in the early part of the 20th century, this self-healing system is easy to learn. Call or email for more information.

Review classes are for Jin Shin practitioners and students to gather informally and further explore this art of healing.

Book/Video Groups - see 'NEW EVENTS!' for details of next meeting times

Join us for a relaxed gathering to read, review, discuss interesting new and old works that foster feelings of health and well-being. Call to learn when the next group begins or check 'NEW EVENTS'. Call to suggest a book to read. Titles as basic as the Tao te Ching, the Old Testament, or from new authors.