Day to Day Healing Arts
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FAIR WEATHER QIGONG TAIJI classes meets outdoors in Williamstown. This is a gentle exercise for health to promote "chi flow", our vital life energy. This is an ongoing class, meeting three mornings a week to help develop a regular personal practice. Come to all or as many as your time permits. Instruction will be consistent day to day so missed classes are not considered set-backs.

This program includes Yang style TaiJi instruction in the classic Short Form, a complete form known throughout the world so you will be in good complany wherever you travel; and the Five-element Qigong form of Greg DiLisio, a light and easy gentle movement exercise that enhances our sense of life through connection with the nature around us.

Please call or email for more information and for class location. Meeting time is 8am MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY

So, come and join us for a morning "wake-up" to learn skills that lead to improved health, stamina, and relaxation: QIGONG (gentle exercise for enhancing chi flow) and TAI JI (art form of 'oneness with chi').

Monthly fee of $45 -- come to as many classes as you wish during the month. Instructional DVD included. For more information phone 413-458-0912 or email from the 'contact' on this page.

Missed the first class?? DROP IN ANYTIME TO TRY IT OUT.


ABRAHAM'S newest book is THE VORTEX, a look at our relationships with any and all things, from people, to money, to ourselves. How we get into good ones and how we get into not-so-good ones. This is a very enlightening read.

This winter's group will meet for video showings beginning in January. We have new just released Abraham videos to show. There will be teas and popcorn for these movie times. There is no fee for these gatherings and they are open to all.

The books and videos and their reviews are all available at and we will have many of these available also available to borrow. Come see our library at 210 Water Street in Williamstown. Call 413-458-0912 to express your interest.

Please call for more information 413-458-0912 or email from the 'contact' on this page.


A day-long "HEAL-THY-SELF" class in a modern Japanese art of self-healing that is based on the thousand year old KojIki medical encyclopedia: a simple touch-method that facilitates our body’s natural healing, for everything from a cold to emotional discord. We will learn the language, how to read the guiding texts, and practice this healing art on our-selves and others. Several guiding texts will be offered, for you to choose which one is right for you, to bring home for your own use and to share with your family, children, elders, pets. Join us as we learn more about ourselves and improve our health & our lives. KNOW-THY-SELF to good health. DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED -- PLEASE EMAIL YOUR INTEREST AT THIS TIME instructional texts used will include: Happy Hands for teaching children, Touch of Healing by Mary Burmeister, Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Book 1, Jin Shin Acupressure self-help Booklet & Workbook 1