Day to Day Healing Arts
Let's share some of our health interests,
here are some things that I have done ...

With trainings in engineering (BS Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University) and the natural sciences (MS Geology & Geophysics, Boston College) Day brings together scientific exactness with the sensitivity of being human using a well balanced list of alternative healing therapies.

Through extensive bodywork training (Neuromuscular Therapy, International Academy of NMT; Zentherapy, International Zentherapy Institute; Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute; Visceral Manipulation, Upledger Institute; Orthopedic Massage, OM± Manual Lymph Drainage, ACOLS) Day facilitates the physical body’s natural processes to restore natural form and function. As a certified teacher of Japanese acupressure (High Touch Jin Shin), and with master level Reiki attunements (Usui), and also ordained in the global order of Spiritual Humanism, Day brings a strong understanding of and connection to our source energy into the work.

"I love having this combined skill set and I find it provides a highly efficient pain relieving practice, one to which i apply a steady focus on enhancing our optimal natural health. I love extending my reach to a life of optimal energy flow and vitality in my self and with everyone.

“My love of our natural ability to connect our thoughts with our health has brought me to many happy years of teaching yoga and taiji, and studies of the I-ching, numerology/astrology, and the Tarot. I enjoy finding common ground with our thoughts, our health, and our world and I always welcome exploring these ideas further with others.”