a:93:{i:0;s:0:"";s:13:"welcome_title";s:36:"Welcome to DAY & BETH HEALING ARTS ";s:15:"welcome_title_2";s:13:"What We Offer";s:17:"welcome_section_2";s:1525:" Programs, classes, and therapies for your health and well being, including:
";s:15:"welcome_title_3";s:22:"A Philosophy on Health";s:17:"welcome_section_3";s:1811:""I am learning that facilitating my body’s natural healing will help reduce all illnesses and will provide me with health today plus it will ensure my health for all days to come." (-- the mind learns from the body)

NATURAL HEALING MECHANISMS - the ancients recognized 3 components by which our bodies innately maintain health and they are the BLOOD circulation system, the LYMPHATIC circulation system, and the CHI or vital life force energy. By maintaining good flow in these 3 systems we support the body’s strength, flexibility, and immune system. We don’t get sick and we can ENJOY life.

FACILITATING BLOOD FLOW - tight, tense, contracted muscles inhibit blood flow whereas loose, limber, flexible muscles enhance blood flow. EXERCISE with the goal of providing flexibility and balanced muscle tone is a good thing!

FACILITATING LYMPH FLOW - the lymphatic fluid relies on muscle/joint movement for circulation and this is enabled with limber, flexible muscles. So, walking, swinging the arms and legs promotes lymph flow and strengthens our immune system and is a good thing!

FACILITATING CHI FLOW - flexible muscles and joints allow chi flow while restricted joints inhibit chi flow. Sustained inactivity and/or holding tension will promote chi stagnation and likely ill-health. So, all activities that promote free joint movement and relaxed, flexible muscles is a good thing!

WHAT ABOUT MY HEADACHE?! - imagine knowing a pressure point to massage to open an energy block that is the source of the headache to relieve the pain in seconds (without the need to take pain medications that are focused on relieving only the symptom, leaving the energy block still available to bring the headache back again). This knowledge IS available to us! ";s:15:"welcome_title_4";s:58:"Come join us and receive the benefits of the healing arts.";s:17:"welcome_section_4";s:2:" ";s:11:"staff_title";s:64:"Thank you for allowing us to share some of our life with you ...";s:13:"staff_title_2";s:24:"A Word From Our Founders";s:15:"staff_section_2";s:532:"Our life goal is to help provide a place of healing and self-discovery for all who wish to take the journey. We bring together our personal skills, talent, and energy in all that we offer. We believe that both eastern philosophical teachings and western scientific exactness will see us through our healing and we combine both in all of our work. We believe that each and every one of us have a special place in this process of health. -- Beth and David ";s:13:"staff_title_3";s:4:"Beth";s:15:"staff_section_3";s:842:"BETH HIAM ACHESON, MAcOM, LicAc
An intense passion for the practice of taijichuan led Beth to self healing and to her innate life path as a healer. As a practitioner of oriental medicine, Beth brings her trainings in many healing therapies together to compliment her intuitive healing ability. These therapies include reiki master, acupuncture, shiatsu, tuina, Chinese herbal medicine, qigong therapy, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic touch, foot reflexology, and High Touch Jin Shin.

After a decade of a healing practice in dental hygiene, Beth received her master of acupuncture and oriental medicine degree and qigong teaching certificates from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, in Portland, Oregon.

Love for her own small children has led to advanced training in Chinese medical pediatrics.";s:13:"staff_title_4";s:5:"& Day";s:15:"staff_section_4";s:1103:"Rev. DAVID HIAM ACHESON, BS,MS,LMT
With trainings in engineering (BS Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University) and the natural sciences (MS Geology & Geophysics, Boston College) Day brings together scientific exactness with the sensitivity of being human using a well balanced list of alternative healing therapies.

Also now ordained in the global order of Spiritual Humanism, Day brings knowledge of our deeper source into the work of healing.

Through extensive bodywork training (Neuromuscular Therapy, International Academy of NMT; Zentherapy, International Zentherapy Institute; Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute; Visceral Manipulation, Upledger Institute) Day facilitates the release of the physical body with an intuitive focus. As a teacher of Japanese acupressure (Jin Shin) and with master level Reiki attunements (Usui), Day contributes strong understanding of and connection to our source healing energy.

These combined skills create a highly efficient pain relieving practice and also allow further exploration into the soul healing realm.";s:13:"staff_title_5";s:9:"Our Goals";s:15:"staff_section_5";s:779:"For the Wellness Center are ... and for YOU... so that you can BECOME WHO YOU REALLY ARE!";s:15:"therapies_title";s:20:"Therapy Descriptions";s:17:"therapies_title_1";s:27:"Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs";s:19:"therapies_section_1";s:462:"Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on nearly four millennia of holistic healthcare, and includes acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, and qigong therapy. TCM is appropriate therapy for almost any condition such as asthma, addictions, sleep disturbance, emotional stress, digestive problems, pain, female and male reproductive imbalances, injuries, and post-surgical care. Effective for adults and children, gentle treatment is tailored for each individual. ";s:17:"therapies_title_2";s:20:"Craniosacral Therapy";s:19:"therapies_section_2";s:299:"A light, hands-on treatment that connects with the spinal rhythm and restores physiologic balance. Benefits include releases to fascial connective tissue, balance to internal organs, and inner release of stored trauma. Especially appropriate for head injuries, car accident trauma, and chronic pain.";s:17:"therapies_title_3";s:14:"Jin Shi Jyutsu";s:19:"therapies_section_3";s:285:"A gentle Japanese hands-on energy treatment that relaxes, restores our inner balance, and relieves symptoms of many conditions. It has a powerful spiritual base not found in other therapies. It is treatment-based and also a self-help healing therapy that can be practiced by everyone. ";s:17:"therapies_title_4";s:7:"Massage";s:19:"therapies_section_4";s:172:"Therapeutic swedish massage combined with fascial movement techniques provide increased flexibility, improved blood and lymph flow, relaxation, and a feeling of well-being.";s:17:"therapies_title_5";s:27:"Neuromuscular Therapy - NMT";s:19:"therapies_section_5";s:354:"Focused and specific muscular therapy to release ischemic muscles/tendons and trigger points to provide lasting improvement, including complete healing, of any musculo-skeletal dysfunctions such as tendonitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis, migraine headaches,and is perhaps the most effective treatment for TMJ dysfunction. ";s:17:"therapies_title_6";s:11:"Reflexology";s:19:"therapies_section_6";s:218:"The entire body is accessible through the feet. An entire foot massage as well as specific areas being pressed creates deep relaxation and improvement of health. Through caring for the feet, we care for the whole body.";s:17:"therapies_title_7";s:5:"Reiki";s:19:"therapies_section_7";s:242:"A gentle, ancient, healing therapy that balances our internal energy providing freedom from pain and disease. Using light hands-on and waves of energy, Reiki is relaxing, calming, and is used to treat many acute and chronic health problems. ";s:17:"therapies_title_8";s:7:"Shiatsu";s:19:"therapies_section_8";s:220:"Japanese massage is effective for many health conditions. Comfortable pressure, stretching, and movement is applied through clothing to access and balance energy channels. Some descibe it as acupuncture without needles.";s:17:"therapies_title_9";s:21:"Visceral Manipulation";s:19:"therapies_section_9";s:354:"A sensitive, hands-on treatment that resets our internal organs with their natural rhythm to restore physiologic balance and function. Our organs need to synchronously "breathe" to maintain our health state. Interuptions can result from injury trauma, postural distortion, and emotional upset. Restoring organ function is a quick way to retore health.";s:18:"therapies_title_10";s:16:"Zen Body Therapy";s:20:"therapies_section_10";s:549:"A ten session treatment plan of focused bodywork to realign the skeletal balance in the body and allow the release of our natural form. Lifešs traumas cause muscular skeletal distortions and these distortions can be permanently released through this deep and focused work to the muscular-fascial-skeletal system. Examples of benefiting conditions include scoliosis, chronic back pain, military neck, chronic ankle sprains, chronic shoulder dislocations and more. This is a powerful therapy program that provides significant and lasting life change. ";s:18:"therapies_title_11";s:15:"Other therapies";s:20:"therapies_section_11";s:454:"If you are in search of a therapy or product that we do not offer at this time, please contact us about this area of your interest and we will happily share our knowledge with you. If you are looking for a particular therapy that we do not offer, we will do our best to connect you with any practitioners we know in the surrounding area. We also can provide access to many alternative and complimentary products available or can direct you to a supplier.";s:18:"therapies_title_12";s:62:"Can't visit now? Click below to find a therapist in your area:";s:20:"therapies_section_12";s:680:" ";s:18:"therapies_title_13";s:9:"Insurance";s:20:"therapies_section_13";s:459:"Some of the above therapies are universally covered by most insurance and some are rarely covered. It is important to check with your insurance provider if insurance coverage is important for you. We request payment for services at the time of your appointment. Although we do not file personal insurance claims for you, we do provide service receipts and appropriate medical forms in a professional manner to assist you making and in filing your claims. ";s:18:"therapies_title_14";s:35:"ANY QUESTIONS? DROP US A LINE! ";s:20:"therapies_section_14";s:0:"";s:13:"classes_title";s:22:"Current Class Schedule";s:15:"classes_title_1";s:25:"Call For Current Schedule";s:17:"classes_section_1";s:105:"We offer the following classes as our schedule permits and according to interest. Please call to inquire.";s:15:"classes_title_2";s:6:"Qigong";s:17:"classes_section_2";s:402:"Qigong ("chee-gong") is a gentle movement class designed to improve and to maintain good health. It is based on chinese meridian therapy, the same system that acupuncture is based. Our body's energy travels these pathways, and when blocked or slowed creates pain and illness. The regular practice of qigong helps keeps this energy flowing. Call for class times. Private instruction is also available.";s:15:"classes_title_3";s:4:"Yoga";s:17:"classes_section_3";s:516:"Although we are not currently offering group yoga classes, we are committed to the value of yoga to our health. We can offer recommendations for nearby Yoga classes. We also include Yoga instruction and coaching in many of our therapy services offered as it is of great value in leading a life free of chronic pain. If you are a yoga practitioner and you wish to refine your practice, you may want to consider a postural evaluation with us and a private yoga therapy session. Please call for more information. ";s:15:"classes_title_4";s:18:"Meditation Classes";s:17:"classes_section_4";s:434:"Our mind-body self is inseparable, and good health results from its balance. Meditation will quiet the mind to allow the body-self and the mind-self to "be" and discover the peace that is in our everyday moments. There are many forms of meditation and this class will introduce several and encourage the regular use of meditation to maintain a comfortable relaxed living. Call for our classes schedule or to arrange a private class. ";s:15:"classes_title_5";s:8:"Open Sit";s:17:"classes_section_5";s:142:"This Meditation time is open to everyone. We will hold a quiet 30 minute meditation before each class (above). Bring your pillow and join us. ";s:15:"classes_title_6";s:15:"Jin Shin Review";s:17:"classes_section_6";s:120:"These classes are for Jin Shin practitioners and students to gather informally and further explore this art of healing. ";s:15:"workshops_title";s:28:"Classes & Workshops Offered ";s:17:"workshops_title_1";s:42:"High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure Workshop 1";s:19:"workshops_section_1";s:374:"A weekend learning/training course in an ancient Japanese healing art that harmonizes the life energy in the body. It can be practiced by anyone on yourself and others; facilitates healing of all illnesses. This is a weekend workshop. Completion of this workshop provides the skills to use jin shin for healing of the organ function energy imbalances. Call for more details.";s:17:"workshops_title_2";s:42:"High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure Workshop 2";s:19:"workshops_section_2";s:381:"A powerful ancient Japanese healing art.. Build on Workshop 1 knowledge (see listing above) to learn the causal energy responsible for energy imbalances and to promote deep healing abilities to stabilize and reverse chronic conditions. This is a weekend workshop. Completion of this workshop and the level 1 workshop is allows for practitioner certification. Call for more details.";s:17:"workshops_title_3";s:29:"Self-Help Acupressure Seminar";s:19:"workshops_section_3";s:394:"Learn this self-help healing art that harmonizes the life energy in the body. This seminar presents acupressure treatments specific for everyday stress and pain to provide deep relaxation and effective coping with lifešs stresses, both physical and emotional. Completion of this seminar provides short-cut skills to use jin shin for self-healing of any energy imbalances. Call for more details.";s:12:"events_title";s:15:"Special Events!";s:14:"events_title_1";s:18:"Healing Intensives";s:16:"events_section_1";s:1211:"For enhanced benefit or for out-of-town guests, we recommend a series of consecutive treatment sessions. We can recommend complimenting therapies to be scheduled over a several day period that will combine to create cummulative healing effects that are otherwise difficult to obtain. The benefits include enhanced energy flow and muscle release because the successive sessions can build on each other. There is more potential for postural changes because the concentrated work can better remove old patterns.

Any combination of days are appropriate and we will help with the scheduling to meet your specific needs. We also recommend including time to explore the natural beauty of this area and the cultural events.

We have a ready list of cultural events, restaurants that we like, and overnight accomodations that we recommend and will email it to you on request. You may also find information for the area on the following web sites...

To learn of local cultural events, go to: ";s:11:"store_title";s:22:"Products That We Offer";s:13:"store_title_1";s:24:"Thorne's Health Products";s:15:"store_section_1";s:603:"Thorne's is the highest quality nutrition and supplement line available. They offer a complete line of vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements of tested and assured purity that is backed by their comprehensive quality control program.

Thorne's MEDI-CLEAR diet is a 3 week cleansing program complimented with a complete nutrient balanced protein powder to sustain health while the body is cleansed with a special dietary intake plan. This is useful for identifying and eliminating food allergens, cleansing the digestive tract, easing off poor eating habits, or clearing food addictions.";s:13:"store_title_2";s:17:"Golden Flax Seeds";s:15:"store_section_2";s:1037:"Flax seeds are called the "food of the 21st Century". They have the right balance of essential fatty acids (omega-3,6,9) to keep us healthy in this world of compromised food health -- it has been shown that the majority of our super market foods are excess in omega-6 and this has been shown to lead to demetia, skin disorders, gastro-instestinal problems, and immune system breakdown. Flax seeds are a convenient way to get the omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish oil, without concern of mercury toxicity. Flax seeds also contain cancer-fighting lignans, high protein, and high fiber.

GOLDEN FLAX SEEDS are special hybrid seeds which have been developed by the North Dakota Agriculture Bureau for human consumption and have over twice the omega-3 oils and over 3 times the lignans as ordinary brown flax seeds. The brown flax sold in local health food stores are simply commercial varieties widely used for manufacture of linoleum flooring and house paint. We offer these GOLD FLAX to our clients because they are so superior.";s:13:"store_title_3";s:44:"Supplements For Arithritis And/Or Joint Pain";s:15:"store_section_3";s:760:"Glucosamine and chondroitin have been very popular since the release in 1998 of the best seller "The Arthritis Cure" by Dr. Jason Theodosakis. The use of these supplements began with race horses with dramatic results in reduced joint pain. Theodosakis chronicled the use of these supplements on arthritis patients first in Britain and then in the U.S., all with dramatic reduction of joint pain.

Next came the reports of the effects of methly-sulfonyl-methane, or simply 'MSM', a natural compound effective in the relief of joint pain and many types of inflammatory conditions from athletic injuries to T.M.J. dysfunction. A very thorough work on the effects of MSM on pain was published in 1999 by Dr. Stanley Jacob, titled "The Miracle of MSM". ";s:13:"store_title_4";s:20:"If You're Interested";s:15:"store_section_4";s:117:"Contact us and we will answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you! Please call 413-458-0912 or email.";s:12:"directions_1";s:35:"Directions From The North (Vermont)";s:12:"directions_3";s:38:"Directions From the South (Pittsfield)";s:12:"directions_2";s:4:"